Joe Kurdyla is the Owner/Operator of Kings Domain, Prahran. He has just finished a 12 Week Training & Nutrition Program with GRIPT Coach Nic McWilliams.

We caught up to him prior to him flying out to Vegas for a holiday.

Q1. You’ve just come off a 12 Week Program with Nic, explain the process?

I sat down with Nic and looked at my goals and nutrition, we worked out that I was under eating and as a result I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. Nic put me on a 12-week nutrition plan which was adjusted every couple of weeks depending on how my body was looking and reacting to the plan. I was also training with him once per week and following a training program he put together for me.

Q2. Prior to starting, what concerns did you have?

Running a business (Kings Domain Prahran), I was concerned I wouldn’t have enough time to train / eat / food prep and it would be too much of a commitment when I’m already pretty busy!

Q3. During it, what challenges did you face?

All of the above, but I actually found it helped me at work because I was full of energy and always organized. I booked all my PT sessions at least 1 month in advance around my work schedule. I put aside particular times each week to cook. I went to bed at 9.30pm every night so I could get enough sleep and still get up early enough to train and cook / food shop if I needed to. It’s like I’ve had a roster to stick to 7 days a week for the past 12 weeks but once I was into the groove, I really enjoyed it.

Q4. How did you find Nic to work with?

A nightmare! Haha. Nah, I know Nic pretty well because he comes in for a fresh cut every 10 days! He’s a good guy and obviously knows his stuff. He wrote a nutrition plan around the foods that I like so all I needed to do was stick to it. He took his time to understand what has prevented me previously and worked with me to put a plan in place.

Q5. What are the 3 main things you have taken out of it?

I’ve learnt a lot about the nutrition side of things and how much I should be eating in terms of portion size and how often, so I’m going to stick to that structure, I’ll just mix the meals up a bit.

Dedicating something to myself outside of work has been great, I’ve learnt you should spend atleast 1 hour each day doing some form of exercise or just focusing on yourself without thinking of anything else – it’s ok to put yourself first!

I’ve also struggled with a bad back over the years, so we really focused on my form, especially on deadlifts and squats so I can take all that knowledge into my training going forward.

Q6. In terms of your lifestyle, what were the main benefits you experienced?

Well I’ve not had a beer for 3 months and to be honest I’m not really craving one either. The food side was difficult but I’ve not missed drinking. I’ve just got into a good routine of going to bed early and getting up early feeling fresh. I’ve enjoyed being up at 6-7am on a Sunday morning with a clear head. The sober Sunday feeling is addictive!

Q7. Why would you recommend other people do it?

With a personal trainer and a solid plan in place, you have to be accountable. I felt like if I cheated with the diet or skipped a training session then I would be letting Nic and then ultimately myself down.

They say it takes blood, sweat and tears but that’s bullshit… yes you sweat, but you just need to be organized, committed and prioritize your end goal over any temptations.

Q8. Lastly, what will you be going with for the Vegas Pool Parties?

a) trunks

b) speedos

c) g-string

A personalized Gript-string, sort it out Drew!

If you are interested in working with one of our coaches and finding out more about our 12 Week Training & Nutrition Programs get in touch with us.