Last weekend GRIPT Client Adam Coff entered the professional boxing ring with the Wildfighter Event at the Timber Yard Port Melbourne, where he walked away with the win with a round 1 knock out.


10 weeks out from the bout he approached GRIPT Coach Tyler Smith to get him prepared physically and mentally for the ring, which started with working towards reaching the required fight weight at 79kg.


We caught up with Adam this week to discuss the last 10 weeks, the lifestyle changes he made, the challenges he faced, and what is next for him.

What was your motivation training with Tyler?

I knew I had to get myself into the best shape I had every been in to give myself the best chance in the ring. To do so I needed to learn what was necessary and be guided by an expert. I understood Tyler had both very good knowledge on weights and the food side, with professional boxing you need both so it was a great tool in the lead up to the fight in being on weight and it not compromising strength or power.

What was your primary goal?

I had it set for me, which was to make the 79kg weight limit. I started out at 94kg, and I was conscious of not doing any crash dieting, or anything restrictive otherwise I wouldn’t have the energy or strength to train. This was one of the first things Tyler and I discussed in our first meeting when we sat down to talk about the plan.

What had prevented you from achieving this previously?

I think lack of motivation, I previously didn’t have anything specific to work towards or a plan that reflected it. Once the fight date was set I had no choice but to get to the weight. I knew I only had 10 weeks, and I needed to make each of them count so that I was prepared the best I could prior to entering the ring.

When you first sat down with Tyler what was the conversation? 

We had clear goal and date so from there it was how do we best 

approach it. Tyler set out a 10 week plan which was easy for me to understand, and seeing it laid out in front of me, it looked more achievable because I could see that it wasn’t going to be super restrictive.

What did your routine look like?

It was 7 days a week:

  • Monday Altitude Chamber Conditioning
  • Tuesday AM with Tyler Strength & Conditioning
  • Tuesday PM sparring
  • Wednesday PM Boxing Skills and Sparring
  • Thursday AM Energize at GRIPT
  • Thursday PM sparring
  • Friday AM Swimming for Cardio
  • Saturday AM Boxing Skills and Sparring

I had to work around an Achilles issue which meant a lot of my conditioning was done on a bike, ski or rower at GRIPT.

What were the main changes you made? 

Sleep, diet and alcohol were the main changes.

My health in terms of exercise and food pre the fight was poor in a sense that I wouldn’t eat or drink till most afternoons, which left me lathargic and my performance was poor because of this. I would eat a lot of fast food and I would eat till like 10pm at night. I had no idea of what and how much I was consuming which over the course of a few years led to me accumulating weight around my midsection which was my main target area.

Having a eating plan specifically designed for me, my goal and the amount of physcial activity I was doing made is so much more simpler for me to achieve and maintain.

Also being a very social person previously, it did mean that I removed alcohol and going out for the entire 10 weeks.

What challenges did you face?

Social functions with food were the hardest things to sacrifice, because it was a part of my lifestyle and what I was so used to. What I kept telling myself though was if I want it bad enough, I needed to follow the plan. 

What are the 3 key things you took out of the last 10 weeks:

1. Work with an expert and stick to the process/plan

2. Trust your trainer based on them understanding exactly who you are and what you want

3. Nothing worth while comes without sacrifice

Where to from here?

From here I’ll keep in shape by continuing to train with Tyler. I’ve already go another and another fight orgasied for March 2020 at super middle weight which is 76kg this time.

Outside of the ring, now that I have an education on what I need to do to keep myself fit and healthy, I’ll be able to stay on track and avoid needing to lose another 16kgs again.