Where did you grow up?
Melbourne – Williamstown, I needed a passport to get to school in Windsor each day.
What did you want to be when you grow up?
I imagined myself being an artist – a painter with the stripey top, beret to the side, sitting in from of an easel.
How did you get into the industry?
I started out training myself, doing 1 on 1 Personal Training and making my way in to small group workouts, which I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of. When I was studying studying accounting at Uni, I also completed my Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness and Personal Training without really knowing where it was going to take me. I ended up taking group training at Ormond College and at an all womens studio FoxFit in Cremorne. What really motivated me was working with people, getting to know and understand them, and help them make progress towards achieving results. After I completed Bachelor of Business, I worked at PWC and Ernst and Young, but it didnt take me long to figure out that I preferred to work with people, than spreadsheets, numbers and mitigating risk.
When did you make the switch to Nutrition?
2 years ago, I decided that working in the health industry is what I really wanted to do, and went back to Uni. While working I was studying Human Nutrition online, which I have now got my Graduate Diploma in, and I’m now finishing off my Masters.
What is it about health industry that made you want to be a part of it?
I know when I am training and eating well, I know how good it can make me feel. It allows me to get on top of everything else – career, relationships, and family. It puts my life into a much more positive perspective. I want to be able to help people to do the same.

Based on your Instagram feed, we see you’re a lover of food – what is your favourite home cooked meal?

I love spending time in the kitchen, its my creative outlet! Being able to go to the fridge, and get creative. There’s always something you can make.

On a weekend, I love going to market, buying quality whole foods and being able to share food with those close to me. One of my favourites at the moment is getting a quality cut of steak, air drying it, roasting some pumpkin skin chips, and potato fries with rosemary.

I don’t eat a lot of red meat, but I am conscious I need to eat more of it from a micronutrient perspective, particularly iron which I would prefer to get from red meat once per week instead of needing to supplement.

As a qualified Nutritionist, what is your approach to food?

My approach to food is the 80/20 rule. Eat healthy well balanced meals 80% of the time and treat yourself the remaining 20%. I eat quality wholesome foods with a focus on nutrient density, that will allow my body to thrive My diet is diverse yet balanced where I can occasionally treat myself and not feel guilty for doing so.

My plate normally comprises of plenty of vegetables, a protein source and healthy fats for stabilised blood sugar control across the day.

Although I consume animal products, the majority of my plate is plant based (veggies, fruit, seeds, nuts, legumes etc) as it supports a more sustainable future.

I am also very passionate about reducing food wastage (expect to see this in the Fuel Bar). I particularly love the work OzHarvest have done in Australia for the past 15 years, delivering quality excess food from commercial outlets and delivering it to people in need across the country. Sarah Wilson is an iconic Australian journalist and founder of the ‘I Quit Sugar’ movement, who I often find inspiration from when it comes to reducing food waste at home. She continues to educate the wider population through her best selling books.

Favourite place to eat out?

I am a big fan of a French Bistrot, but I am currently on a Cecconi’s Flinders Lane buzz.

Favourite Travel destination?

Switzerland for skiing – Zermatt is amazing.

What are you currently listening to?

Music: Justin Bieber – Yummy

Podcast: Lady Start Up by Mamamia hosted by Mia Friedman

Audiobook: Grain Brain

What are you currently watching?

Series: The Loudest Voice (Just saw Bombshell as well)

Movie: The Gentleman

In terms of going the GRIPT Team, what are you looking forward to?

Getting to know clients on a personal level, becoming a part fo the community, and embed myself into a positive environment. I also believe it is going to serve as a great opportunity towards having an impact on improving people’s health and quality of living.

You will be able to find Lane in the GRIPT Fuel Bar as our new Studio Concierge, where she will be looking after our new and existing members, and whipping up quality post work out smoothies, and breakfast options for people short on time and on the run.

Please join us in welcoming Lane to the GRIPT Community.