Training at GRIPT is about utilising a training program that reflects your goal in the most efficient and effective way possible.

The process starts through Initial Consultation by us gaining an understanding of:

  • What goal you want to achieve
  • What training experience you have, and
  • What has stopped you from achieving it previously

We will then recommend what training program will be most effective for you – Personal Training, Small Group Weight Training or Group Training.


The 1-on-1 attention you need to achieve your goal.

Personal Training is designed for you to:

  • Learn weight training fundamentals
  • Return from pregnancy or injury
  • Focus on a specific performance or Body Composition goal

Your coach will plan, program, and measure your training on our digital platform to ensure you are making progress each session.



The one innovative program that is designed to build a consistent training routine, and improve fitness, endurance and weight management. The program includes access to four diverse group training styles in the studio that work towards achieving specific results.

ENERGIZEGet your heart rate up, body moving and post workout endorphins flowing in our exhilarating HIIT style workouts.

FORMBe introduced to GRIPT weight training principles in our full body, resistance based workouts.

SHIFT Unleash your inner athlete in these explosive cardio based x core focused workouts, that will leave you gasping for more.

RESTORE – Press pause on your busy week, and reconnect to your body and breath in our yoga inspired Restore sessions. Expect to improve your mobility and flexibility to compliment the rest of your training routine.

Each of our group training sessions has a maximum of twenty four participants to allow us to get you training safer, and executing at a higher level.

VOLUMIZE for Women

Shape your body, shape your life.

Build lean muscle, shape, tone and strengthen your body utilising the weight training philosophies we have built over the past six years. Our VOLUMIZE sessions are designed for women’s bodies, with specific Lower and Upper Body Sessions designed to allow you to achieve the right balance of work each week.

To join the program we take you through 1-on-1 training to build your confidence, comfort and capability in our weight training environment.

HYPER for Men

Bodies built, without the ego.

The HYPER program is designed to build muscle and strength. The program designed specifically for men, includes four sessions per week with each session specific to a major muscle group – Chest, Back, Legs, and Shoulders/Arms.

To join the program we take you through 1-on-1 training to build your confidence, comfort and capability in our weight training environment.


Unlock access to the weight training studio and your training via an app based program that empowers you to work autonomously during off peak times. The Studio Membership provides you with a four day training split, weekly access to the Infrared Sauna for recovery, and monthly access to the Inbody Scanner to track you results.

You can combine Personal Training with the Studio Membership to receive a more tailored approach to your training.