GRIPT was established in 2014 out of thfrustration Jack was having in the fitnesindustryWith commercial gyms having a low level of care towards their clients training, safety and results, and Personal Trainers treating their clients like transactions where money was exchanged for time.

A lot has changed in the studio over the last 4 years. We have based the GRIPT model on our desire to continually innovate and evolve to meet our clients needs.  This includes the development of 6 unique training styles, doubling in physical size and bookings and continuing to invest into new equipment and knowledge – what is now experienced in the GRIPT studio, is the result.

When we consider the fitness industry, we are confronted with barriers and we feel that it is our responsibility to take them down. The barriers we continue to work towards breaking down and refining are the gender roles associated with gym culture.  For too long the weight training area has been dominated by the ego driven, testosterone ridden bodies of men, until now. There is a new class of gym goer developing within the 4 walls of the GRIPT studio. She is goal oriented, results driven, empowered, and is willing to put in the work to achieve her desired results.

We are talking about the women of GRIPT who on a daily basis are found Squatting, Deadlifting, Pressing and Lunging their way towards a common goal. To build the belief within themselves and to take it out with them into their personal and professional lives.

What makes weight training unique at GRIPT is the ability to learn the fundamentals in a 1 on 1 Personal Training environment. Our Personal Training has been designed specifically to remove the fear factor out of starting weight training. Our clients go through a step by step process of acquiring technique, strength and volume achievements prior to transitioning into the Volumize small group sessions. Volumize sessions can only be found at GRIPT as they were designed specifically for women by GRIPT Founder Jack Boon. Each session has 8 participants and a focus on either lower or upper body for 45 minutes. The name Volumize comes from the style which is high volume resistance training which is all done under the supervision of an expert coach.

The list of benefits of weight training are long. One of the key benefits is being able to overcome training plateaus that may have been experienced through fad workout types. Fad’s do their best to sweep people off their feet with marketing hype only to see the person’s body adapt after 4-6 weeks and results stop. The reason weight training overcomes plateaus is the constant change of stimulus, exercise and variation we deliver in each 4 week program. There is a reason weight training has been around since the beginning of the 20th century – it works.


“The gym is seen as a male and ego dominated environment”

Weve gone to the extent of removing that element from our studio entirely, by designing our culture around inclusivity. Our priority is for our clients to feel a sense of belonging, irrespective of gender, age or fitness level these factors shouldnt play a role

“Weight training isn’t for me, I don’t want to get bulky”

The principles of weight training are based on control and stimulus of the muscle. We have created a specific weight training style called Volumize that is specific to stimulating and scultiping the female body, by firming and toning it – not bulking it!

“I do other exercises, I don’t need weight training”

Weight training is as much about building confidence and self belief as it is a healthy body.
People can learn a lot about themselves underneath a barbell, because this is often done outside of their comfort zone, challenging them to their full potential.


Along with misconceptions around the gym and weight training, there is a common concern around femininity being challenged because women are seen as being in a mans environment  this couldnt be further from the truth!

A barbell doesnt know if its user is male or female, a dumbbell isnt aware if its in the hands of a beginner or an expert, the gym and its equipment doesnt discriminate and neither should the people inside it.

The confidence, belief and empowerment that is worked for and built is sexy.. STRONG IS SEXY!

There is nothing that gives us a greater sense of reward than observing the transformation of all of our clients into strong, independent people who have taken responsibility for themselves by focusing on improving their health.