We caught up with Bessel Sleiman who is another personal training client of Tyler Smith’s who took on the challenge of getting himself in the best shape of his life.


What was your original motivation to get started with Tyler?

I’m a goal driven person, constantly looking to challenge and improve myself in various ways. I have been training on my own for years and wanted to see if I had the ability to attain a physique that reflects these efforts. So I set myself a goal to get lean, a goal that would go on to test me both mentally and physically.

What had you being done previously?

Prior to this program I had trained on my own for years. No real knowledge or understanding of nutrition and Or workout routines , I simply made it up as I went along. This experience was my first time being trained by a Personal trainer and my first time sticking to a strict diet.

What was the process you went through with Tyler?

Initially I got in touch with Tyler via social media to discuss my goals and what I had in mind in terms of a 12 week challenge. We then arranged a date for a consultation where he would ultimately assess my physique. The following 2 weeks I tracked my food , water intake and steps regularly via my fitness pal app. In order to provide Tyler with some fundamental information about my eating habits and daily routines. During these 2 weeks I still trained with Tyler – this have him insight to my physical abilities. After 2 weeks I got a program from Tyler , both nutritional and physical which I would then repeat over the next 12 weeks. Constantly reviewing and adjusting to suit changes in the body.

How would you describe the 12 weeks you went through?

The initial weeks where tough as it was something I was not used to. However this gradually got easier as time went on. I enjoyed the process and the information gained over the 12 weeks. Towards the end of the 12 weeks the training and the food has become a lifestyle in a somewhat structured day to day system, it feels like second nature and is something I’m used to doing. Above all it’s something I now enjoy. Simply put, I learned a lot about my body both physically and mentally.



What lessons did you learn?

I can achieve anything if I just put my mind to it and trust the process.

What have you taken out of it?

I have a lot more respect for bodybuilders and physique models that are able to maintain such a lifestyle all year round. Above all, I have received a lot of drive, and motivation out of all this in terms of my career and life. Setting and successfully achieving a goal is motivating, and leaves you wondering what’s next.

How would you describe Tyler as a coach?

Tyler has been helpful , informative and a Friend the whole way through. Sending me messages regularly to see how I’m going. Giving me advice and alternatives when life circumstances got in the way and required me to adjust my diet. Tyler was great to train with, he’s very knowledgeable and passionate about fitness and muscle building. He makes you feel excited , and he works you hard in each session. Definitely one of the best personal trainers in the business.

What’s the plan now?

Moving forward, I plan to continue training with Tyler and maintain what I have achieved for as long as I can. I will work with Tyler to set new goals and do my best to achieve them. Ultimately for me, I’d like to apply the basics of my diet into a lifestyle that allows me to balance a diet structure and a social life both at once.

What you say to someone else who is considering getting started with training?

I would highly recommend getting started. However I would also suggest that you consider your schedule , social life and routine before undertaking such a commitment. For goals like these , your final form is a strong reflection of the effort you put in. If you give 80% you’ll only get 80%.