HOW DID YOU START IN FITNESS:  I Started at Boxing Fit Port Melbourne – I was competing as amateur boxer and then started taking 1 on 1 sessions.
WHY BOXING: I’ve always been into Boxing as my Dad had a big interest in it.. I got injured in football so then started taking boxing more serious. I’ve also tried Muay Thai, Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
WHAT OTHER FITNESS: I’ve completed Pier 2 Pub open water swim and a half marathon.
WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO GRIPT: I Was recommended by Rod Favola and came down to the studio after Christmas and met with Drew and it all started from there.
WEAKNESSES: Definitely chocolate or ice cream.. Or currently Waffles.
STRENGTHS: Good with people – can get along with anyone
WHAT DID YOU WANT TO BE GROWING UP: Professional Sportsman
WHAT DO YOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT YOUR ROLE: meeting different people –
that live different lives to myself. I enjoy the personal side of what I do.
WHAT KEEPS YOU MOTIVATED:  I train because I like to keep fit so that I am
always prepared for what life throws at me.. Staying fit makes me feel good.
FAVOURITE HOLIDAY: Surfing Holiday – Indonesia.. Destination – Croatia. The
music is the best in Berlin. If I moved anywhere it would be LA or NYC.
EXPLAIN BURNING MAN: The most fun I’ve ever had.. I can’t explain it.
3 DINNER INVITES: Vladimir Putin,  Muhammed Ali, Pablo Escobar
YOUR PERFECT DAY: It would be hot, wake up early, somewhere with a beach like Bali
surf, breakfast, go for a massive run, train, cruise around on a motorbike,
late afternoon I’d train again, surf until sunset, dinner for japanese and then go out
where it’s going off and I’ll be there for way longer than I should be.