I joined GRIPT in August 2016. When I first walked into the studio I weighed 105kg and struggled to perform a single body weight squat, let alone a set of lunges! I was embarrassed by how I looked, paralysed by my lack of confidence and mentally fatigued by an unhealthy, inactive lifestyle. It took my health being compromised – both mentally and physically – for me to realise I needed to take control of my circumstances.

A year and a half later I have….

-Maintained a 25kg weight loss,

-Improved my strength in ways I couldn’t have imagined possible,

-Learned to be accountable for my diet and nutrition,

-Established confidence in my ability to perform any combination of exercises the trainers at GRIPT devise in Volumize and Energize sessions

Ultimately, GRIPT has given me the tools, techniques and knowledge to lead a happier, stronger, healthier lifestyle.

Weightlifting was completely foreign to me prior to my arrival at GRIPT. In order to learn the correct techniques and fundamentals of weightlifting, I started my journey at GRIPT in Personal Training with Nathan. PT sessions gave me the undivided attention I needed to obtain consistent improvement. I began working without weights to perfect my form and eventually progressed to Volumize. Nathan encouraged me to set monthly goals and tailored each session to reflect my progress — some weeks we focused on lower body, others on upper body and as my overall fitness level improved, we incorporated conditioning. PT did more than teach me how to lift. PT was fundamental in acclimating me back into a gym setting and boosted my confidence.

When I first walked into GRIPT, I was intimidated by the style of training and fearful that I would be judged for being so unfit. My assumptions and fears couldn’t have been further from the truth. Not only have I never felt judged at GRIPT, but I have never questioned my right to be there. The environment at GRIPT is friendly and inclusive; hard work and honest effort are consistently rewarded and acknowledged. What I love most about GRIPT is that the studio has a carefully crafted culture that celebrates strong women and actively seeks to empower the females who walk through the doors. At GRIPT, ‘Strong is Sexy’.

Once my fitness improved, I stopped PT and joined Volumize and Energize classes. Volumize is structured around small group training (maximum 8 per session) which means I get as close to PT as possible. Like PT, I am able to set weekly/monthly goals and am encouraged to record my reps and weight improvement each week. This not only allows me to monitor my progress but is a strong incentive to complete additional reps and add extra weight week after week. Transitioning away from PT allowed me to train more frequently — I’m currently in  2x Lower Body Volumize, 1x Upper Body Volumize and 2x Energize. Training is habitual and a fundamental part of my lifestyle because I love how I train at GRIPT.

At GRIPT I am not only training to lift heavier weights, but I am developing the confidence and mental strength to tackle any challenges life throws at me. ‘Built not Born’ requires discipline, mental toughness and an attitude of no excuses. I have learned there are no quick fixes or short cuts with training — only hard work and assuming accountability for my actions outside of the studio. Motivation to go the gym and motivation for eating healthy were not key to my success. Discipline has been my key to obtaining results. When I step into a 45 minute session at GRIPT, I need to be focused and concentrate on the exercises in that session. I need to be disciplined in my movements and tap into my mental toughness to push myself. The trainers are actively coaching, mentoring and motivating me. However, I am in control of the 23 hours and 15 minutes I am not at GRIPT.  The trainers at GRIPT will give you the motivation you need to smash a session, the discipline you practice outside of GRIPT will prepare you to perform your best.

Training at GRIPT has dispelled myths about what it means to be fit; no more yo-yo diets, intense cardio or restricting calories. At GRIPT, you will be exposed to a wealth of information regarding nutrition, a variety of training styles and will be able to learn from different trainers who have an incredible wealth of expertise. You will receive personalisation in training whether you opt for PT sessions or group classes. More importantly, you will be pushed to work harder than ever before. Since joining, I have witnessed the continuous expansion of the GRIPT community and studio…I honestly can’t wait to see whats next to come!