Prior to coming to GRIPT I had begun to feel frustrated and stagnant with my training regime having become like so many before, just a membership payment. I heard about GRIPT through a close friend who absolutely raved about the classes, so thought why not give it a go.

Before starting with GRIPT, I had been weight training for a number of years, and felt like I had a fairly comprehensive understanding of weight training and nutrition – however little did I know how much GRIPT would open my eyes and change my approach, mentality and overall wellbeing. My recollection of my first week at GRIPT was feeling muscle soreness in muscles I didn’t even know existed – I was hooked after that first week. I felt motivated, focused and inspired again, which has not faded after 8 months of training at GRIPT.

I had previously just been going through the motions of training, without really thinking about what I was doing. I was bored and feeling unmotivated, I was looking for something to take my training to that next level, which is exactly what GRIPT offers. The training programmes never lack variety, and continually push and challenge me – both physically and mentally. The mindset at my previous gym was to just lift as heavy as humanly possible, however I have come to realise through training at GRIPT that there is just no point if your form and technique is off. By stripping back the weight, we have worked on the fundamentals to build up a solid base, which has without a doubt increased my overall strength. Not to mention my physical wellbeing – I had come to fear certain compound exercises due to waking up in pain the next day – that fear has now disappeared. The guys have an amazing ability to explain an exercise in such a way it just clicks. I had developed some “bad habits” with my technique, which was causing reoccurring pain and injury. The guys have had the time and patience to work with me to make sure my technique is correct. The point of difference with GRIPT is how well thought out and carefully considered the workouts are. The only way to fully understand this is to complete one of the leg sessions! Anyone can go and do a leg session, but the way the workouts are written and planned are so effective and targeted – not to mention the smallest of tweaks the guys make, which just take an exercise to a whole new level. This is truly a reflection on the amount of experience and knowledge at GRIPT.

Aside from training, the nutrition component of GRIPT has been invaluable. I started doing nutrition with Jack after years of undereating/overtraining. I had previously done nutrition with other trainers, however I always felt like they weren’t tailed to me, my goals and how my body works. When I didn’t see results with other trainers through following their nutritional plan I always felt like it was me that was the problem. I was also never fully able to relinquish my trust to a trainer, again due to the fact I felt as though I was being a given an impersonal generic nutritional guide. Jack has made me feel completely comfortable and has listened to me and what my goals are, which is why for the first time I have been able to hand over that trust and just have faith in the process. He always takes the time to provide insight and explain the methodology. This has not been a “28 day shred”, it’s something I have worked on for months with Jack and for me personally it has been life changing. I now no longer fear certain foods and have the flexibility I had been craving. In the 8 months I have been training at GRIPT, I have managed to drop body fat and gain muscle.

I never feel bored or unmotivated at GRIPT, which is why I continue to turn up every day. GRIPT is part of my life and daily routine. The training, results, atmosphere, friendships and actually seeing a change in myself is what keeps me coming back – feeling better both inside and out, as well as lifting heavier and eating more.

What makes GRIPT stand apart in the industry is the personalisation, whether it’s the training or nutrition, or the fact that there wouldn’t be many gyms you walk in to where the trainers know everyone by name, and take the time to get to know you outside of the gym. I would strongly urge anyone to give GRIPT a go, especially if you are looking for real results and change, and wanting to push and challenge your capabilities.