GRIPT Coach Tyler Smith recently finished a 3 month training phase with his personal training client Adam Beagley. Over the course of the 3 months Adam lost 11kgs, but more importantly learned some valuable lessons surrounding his health that he will be able to maintain in the future.


We caught up with Adam this week to hear his side of the story.


What was your original motivation to get started with Tyler?

Looking back I’m ashamed to say it was vanity and I just wanted to look good. I didn’t think I was in a terrible place physically and mentally but as soon as I started to training with Tyler I quickly learned I was a little naïve and my of knowledge of training and nutrition was lacking. Safe to say my mindset towards training changed very quickly!

What had you being done previously?

Before starting with Tyler I had done a 8 week program at another gym previously but wasn’t happy with the results as the PT/program just kind of fizzled out. When I first started with Tyler we focused on my technique and nutrition before moving onto a strength/1RM phase all of which helped build a good base to start this 12 week program.

What was the process you went through with Tyler?

After finishing my strength/1RM phase Tyler and I talked about my next goal which was to lose weight. He spoke about what would be involved in the program, the expectations, the nutrition aspect as well as the phases within the program itself in terms on weight, volume, tempo etc. Tyler built the program and I was able to keep track and log my exercise, nutrition and weight daily through the app which allowed Tyler to keep track and tweak the program where needed.

How would you describe the 12 weeks you went through?

Life changing & Challenging. I don’t think I’ve worked harder at the gym than during these past 12 weeks but seeing the results make it all worth it. It’s been incredible to see that in a relatively short amount of time what my body can do and the drastic changes that can occur and I’m keen to see what I can achieve next.

What challenges did you face?

The biggest challenge I found was the food, especially at the start. Having the same sort of food every day was tiresome but within 3-4 weeks it became the norm and just became a habit. Motivation was also a challenge but having the support of Tyler and the others at Gript behind me 100% made a huge difference.

What were the key lessons you learned?

That I am no longer a young guy who can eat what he likes with no consequence and the overarching lesson of the importance of looking after myself, both physically and mentally.

What have you taken out of it and continue to use?

To never let myself get to that “before” photo again! But as much as the change in physical appearance is welcomed, the knowledge that I can achieve what I set out to do and knowing that training doesn’t have to run my life, that I can still enjoy the odd indulgence but I now know how to compensate and moderate them.

How would you describe Tyler as a coach?

Incredible. I never would have been able to achieve what I did without his support, motivation & expertise and him pushing me to go that little bit further and that little bit harder every session.

What’s the plan now?

The plan now is to continue training with Tyler and the new goal is to start building some decent muscle mass!

What you say to someone else who is considering getting started with training?

Don’t consider it…do it! It may seem daunting at the start to take that first step, to dedicate a part of your life to training but seeing the results and knowing that your goal is getting more achievable every day makes it easier and worth it. Your body and mind will thank you for it in the long run.