Between sets during Volumize sessions she can be found getting her eagle on, and post workout in her element socialising in the Fuel Bar area. But there is no denying the work, consistency and commitment that Keira has demonstrated since joining the GRIPT community earlier this year.


We caught up with Keira to discuss her time with us.


1. What first brought you to GRIPT?

I wasn’t getting results. I had been training at different places for a few years but I was getting nowhere. No matter how hard or frequently I trained, or how many times people changed my diet, nothing got me results, in some cases I even gained weight or was injured. I refused to believe that turning 30 meant that I would no longer have my shape and tone. GRIPT was on my radar, because everyone there appeared to be fit and healthy, I just had to work up the balls to actually come in – even then, it still took me almost a year to do an energize class!

2. What was the situation and what was your motivation?

Well, I’m 34 next month so it was kinda now or never, and I wish I had done it sooner. I was fed up with getting nothing back and putting so much trust and effort into people who didn’t get me, or moreso, didn’t listen. 

I’m loud and very vocal about what I want (and definitely annoying) but I am also 100% all or nothing, so when I am putting my trust and health in someone else’s hands I listen and really do do everything they ask of me, but if I I heard “trust the process one more time” from someone as I struggled daily to fit into my clothes I was going to explode. I needed someone that was right for me (enter Nic and GRIPT) – happy sidenote, the clothes I bought during these times are now too big for me. 

3. What was your first experience like?

To be completely honest, as soon as I stepped in the door all of my pre-conceptions about GRIPT changed (never judge a book by it’s cover) I’m a very confident person and I was scared shitless before I walked in. Everyone has dope bodies, they’re all so proud and they know what the big machines do. I didn’t and I was actually intimidated, but as soon as I walked in and got a massive smile from Bridget it was game on. The entire GRIPT team are so rad, I would never bring friends to my old training places, but I’ve brought friends here and they say the same thing, that class was hard but everyone is so friendly, and supportive. These people (the GRIPT team) genuinely care about me and my health. I have always loved training, I just needed to find the right home for me, and GRIPT is it. 

4. How would you describe the GRIPT training environment?

Supportive and encouraging. You feel safe to train there and encouraged to grow. The trainers push you to do your best and not slack off (something I need because I am the queen of talking between sets) Anytime I’ve thought “there’s no way I can do that” the trainers prove me wrong. I can do it and I get better every week. And from a purely aesthetic level, because I’m a visual person, I love training there. It’s always clean (unlike some places I’ve trained before) People give a shit about everything that happens at GRIPT.  

5. Over the last 6 months what have you learned, and what would you put that down to?

Hahah that carbs won’t kill me. I have definitely developed a healthier relationship with food, and the timings of my meals through of Nic’s guidance, I’m now fuelling my body the right way for my body. I have learned about training more with intention and focusing on what I’m meant to be doing and not just going through the motions, which has helped me further my progress. And honestly I’ve learned a lot about the way my mind thinks, re-training my brain has been equally as interesting as the physical changes. I’m also (still) working on balance and the importance of recovery, but I’m getting better at it…a little. 

All of my results are because Nic, Drew & Tyler 1) all put up with me and 2) They know what they’re doing and want to help..but like actually want to help. So grateful for them. 

6. What are the key things you have taken out of the last 6 months?

I’m truly grateful for the knowledge that Nic and Drew have shared with me to help me improve. Key things are:

Once you’ve found the right environment and trainer – trust them….believe me I’ve argued with Nic every step of the way on my diet, I still do, but he knows what he’s doing. 

Listen to your body and don’t overtrain. Training more doesn’t mean better results. I stopped running (reluctantly) when I started with Nic, and honestly that scared me, but changing my routine and not exhausting myself has actually helped. 

Focus during your training. Look, I am ALWAYS going to sing the songs that are playing, I’m probably always going to dance in rest periods of energize, but my focus on the movements is better, I’m more aware of what I’m doing and what I should be doing. 

7. How have you found working with Nic?

He’s the fucking best. He puts up with me 7 days a week, so he must be amazing. In all honesty, Nic listens. From the word go I was very vocal about what I wanted to achieve, I don’t want to deadlift 100kg, I’m not interested in that at all. I wanted my abs back and my butt to stay peachy but fit in jeans again. I wanted to get back into shape. Trainers I’ve had in the past have tried to “build” my body to what they think is best, but at the end of the day it’s my body, not theirs. Nic is the first trainer that’s listened to what I’ve wanted, and created a program for me and my needs, not just applied a cookie cutter program or diet.

8. What’s your current weekly routine?

Monday – Lower

Tuesday – Upper & Energize PM
Wednesday – PT with Nic

Thursday – Upper

Friday – Lower

Saturday – Energize.

If you were open Sunday I’d probably try and train then too.

9. What advice would you give women who find themselves in a similar position to you 6 months ago?

Don’t be scared and come to GRIPT because everyone always looks fit, everyone was a beginner at the start of their journey, just start. Find a PT that wants the best for you (sorry you can’t take Nic, he’s stuck with me) and knows what they’re doing. Most importantly find someone you trust. Training is only a part of it, trusting Nic with my nutrition as well was probably the biggest barrier because I’ve been let down so many times before, but I put my trust in Nic and here we are…well on the way to getting to the body I want.