The reason I believe people come to GRIPT isn’t for the way it will change the appearance of their abs, their arms or their butt. It’s because they want to find out what they are capable of achieving, they are not satisfied with going with the flow, they want to feel better about themselves – and because they want to build a more satisfying life for themselves.

We want to work with each of our clients to build the confidence, self-esteem and trust they have in themselves, just as Jack did for me 3 years ago. Because armed with these things, people become stronger – not just physically, but mentally. This strength gives them the ability to perform whatever else it is in their life at a higher level.

To obtain this strength, being willing to challenge themselves on consistent basis is a must and that is where we come in to our own.

There are so many similarities in the training philosophies we use in the studio that are also applicable in life.

One of the most powerful things that Jack introduced me to is an ethos of viewing problems as challenges. When faced with an issue, a concern or something that may potentially lead to some discomfort or failure, instead of complaining about it, making excuses and avoiding it, identify it as an opportunity to improve by being willing to challenge yourself.

Everyone has a choice, put up with it or do something about it.

Through my eyes, real personal growth happens from times of suffering and when the going is tough, that’s when you really learn about yourself and what you are capable of.

An exercise that comes to mind is a 1-rep max Barbell Squat. In a Barbell Squat I am placing myself in some risk due to the nature of the exercise and also because of the amount of weight I want to execute it with. I could view this as:

“I am really putting myself in a position to get hurt here… I don’t think I am capable and I don’t want to be judged for not being able to do it. So I am not going to do it.”

Or I could view it, instead, as:

“I know I have done the necessary training to be able to achieve this. I am going to commit to this rep by sucking a deep breath in, hitting the depth, driving the floor away and I’m going to do it with 100% focus and effort, I am capable of achieving this and I’ve got Jack behind me spotting me… I couldn’t be in safer hands. Let’s do this!”

In my mind, I have visualised that I have already achieved it.

Instead of walking away from that problem, by looking it in the eyes, understanding it, and then giving 100% focus and effort, it can be overcome.

The same could be said for a situation outside of the 4 walls of the studio. A situation at work, where someone’s behaviour is starting to affect you negatively could be dealt with in a couple of different ways – you could continue to put up with it and continue to bear it each day and, eventually, it will lead to you not performing, not enjoying your role and hating going to work. Or, you could see it as an opportunity to improve your situation at work by going to the person who it involves and bringing it to their attention.

What is the worst that can happen? They will get defensive and try to turn it back on you. At least they will still be made aware of it…

Or, the best that can happen is that they turn out to be completely unaware of their actions and they will agree to change their ways.

99% of the time I receive feedback from Jack whether it’s to do with my own training, business or a personal matter, I am completely oblivious to it but when it is brought to my attention in a constructive manner, it allows me to do something about it.

Every opportunity we have in the studio to support one of our clients turn a problem into a challenge we take – we want our clients to experience what it feels like to be outside of their comfort zone and to be taken to their limit – because this is where growth happens.

At times, this means stopping a session mid-way through and asking a client “Why are you here?.. What is it you want to achieve?” and letting them know “I am here with you.. I’ve got your back and I’ve got 100% confidence in you that you are capable of achieving this”.

Not being concerned with failing or with being judged, combined with seeing every problem as an opportunity to improve a situation will lead to greater success and satisfaction.

All the excuses in the world are only going to prevent you from where you could be going. Sometimes, you just need to tell yourself to shut up, back yourself in and do the work.