Before I found GRIPT, I was doing a lot of cardio and I just wasn’t seeing any results.

I definitely didn’t have a weight issue, it’s just that I was feeling soft, and I wanted to work on my tone.

I started off doing functional classes and worked my way up from there. I learned the technique and I just wanted to do more and more and progressed to doing the weights classes. Since doing that my body has changed so much and I’m so happy with my progress. I’ve lost weight and gained muscle.

I never wanted to be muscly and that had stopped me doing weights in the past but the GRIPT boys explained how the right workout creates lean muscle.

I also used to be a vegetarian and was iron deficient which was making me feel so exhausted all the time. I’d also been replacing all of my proteins with carbs and I just had no idea. Jack gave me great dietary advice and helped me understand the benefits of a proper nutritional plan. I’ve been on it for eight weeks now and I’ve already got so much more energy.

I used to go the gym and do cardio work, thinking that was good for me, but now I understand that real change needs more support.

Now, I’m training 4 times a week. I do two weights classes and two functional training sessions and even though it sounds corny, I have never felt better.

GRIPT is like a family. I genuinely look forward to coming here – they’re so warm and welcoming and so helpful. It’s a great environment. It’s a personal approach and a great place to be.

Aside from the physical benefits of training, I have had so much change in terms of being mentally happy and motivated. I used to drag my self to the gym in the mornings before I found GRIPT, now I just want to get up earlier so I can be there before my session so I can catch up with the boys before we start.

I’ve definitely loved watching GRIPT evolve over the years as I love the guys so much, and just want to see them succeed.

– Kelsee Sewell