I first heard about Gript after being referred by a friend who recommended I join him for a cardio session one night after work. Considering myself as reasonably fit I wasn’t disappointed in what ensued, a hard-core 45 minute HIIT class! It was clear walking into the studio for the first time that the trainers were willing to push people to their limits. The place had a great vibe, with friendly and like-minded people to train with.

At the time I was referred to Gript, I was doing weight training at a nearby gym studio in South Yarra with a personal trainer. I was actually quite content with my current PT arrangement and was only considering Gript as a top up cardio session for the weekly routine. Following the first cardio session I got chatting to one of the trainers about what Gript offered in terms of weight training, and took up an offer to trial the weights program for a week. I found the group training format worked really well, each person having plenty of time with the trainer and the group vibe helped tap into my competitive nature to train even harder.

The cardio sessions were (& still are) quite challenging, with an ever-changing program and some intense exercise formats. I was equally impressed with the weights training, with quality equipment and trainers that shared a love of health and fitness. I quickly came to the realisation the Gript studio was a good fit for me and became a permanent member of the Gript community.

I would describe training at Gript as tough, considered and effective. I feel that Gript differentiates itself from other gyms by constantly evolving and changing the offering to suit the clients. This isn’t your standard globo gym, F45 format, or generic weights program. Instead, the trainers take the time to understand what your personal goals are and what you hoping to achieve by turning up to the gym every other day. They don’t stop there either, with a number of workshops to further explore general health, nutrition, mindset, back-to-basic training principles and a range of other related topics, enabling continuous improvement to your training.

In the 2 years that I have been a member at Gript I have improved my strength and muscle mass beyond what I thought possible. I have also improved my posture and overall body composition, continuously expanded my knowledge of nutrition and even opened my mind to other areas of health and wellbeing that I wouldn’t have otherwise considered (eg. meditation). I’ve also stopped simply ‘going through the motions’ at the gym, turning up to each session  more focused, with improved mind muscle connection and training mindset.

The point of difference with the Gript coaches is that they genuinely practice what they preach, which I feel is an important factor when directing clients (me) what to do and how to do it. They lead by example and show you the way for what is possible. The trainers also have extensive knowledge, which is regularly shared among all in the Gript community through various forums. In my 17 years of training in different gyms and studios, I’ve never learnt more about how to train ‘smart’ and how to change my body shape than at Gript. I think the difference is that the Gript coaches enable you understand WHY you are doing something, rather than simply instructing the movements.

I am local to South Yarra and work in an office in the CBD, Gript offers sessions at times which suit my need (early morning / after work) at good value. Further to the mates, good vibes and quality equipment, I just honestly don’t think I can replicate the intensity or results of Gript at another gym or on my own. I’ve trained at a lot of gyms in both Melbourne and Sydney, in my view these guys are the best.

To me, Gript is unique in that you are part of a community, where the trainers listen to feedback and adjust the gym format accordingly. They combine their knowledge with a pragmatic approach to training, and after a hard-core HIIT workout or at the end of a big sweaty leg session, you can have laugh with trainers or head out for a well deserved cheat meal with the Gript crew.

– Ben Gocking