Born and raised 100 metres away from the South Yarra studio, to a South African Father and Sri Lankan Mother. Daniel Mogoai has observed the transformation of the area over the last 20 years, including the establishment of GRIPT in 2014.


Daniel has officially joined the GRIPT team this week and we took the time to sit down with the man with a million dollar smile to get a better understanding what goes on behind that welcoming grin.


You grew up in the area?

I’ve spent all 28 years living a few hundred metres away with my 2 brothers and mum. My first job was 50 metres up the road at Muck Off Car Wash where I started when I was 14 years old.

How did your fitness journey begin?

I first got in the gym when I was 15.  I played a lot of sport when I was growing up, cricket, football, tennis and hip hop dancing. When I turned 20, I started getting more serious into body weight movements, and a few years later followed the more body building path for 3 years.

When did your career start in the industry?

My first role after completing my Cert 3 and 4, was a internship at a Crossfit gym. I then made the move to MBS in Prahran which is where I came into contact with Tyler (GRIPT Coach). I started to look further down the rehab and and mobility pathway and completed a foundational rehab course which opened my eyes to how much I didnt know, but also sparked an interest and now a passion to learn as much as I possibly can so that I can help people.

You are still studying correct?

That is correct, at RMIT at Bundoora. I completed 18 months studying Exercise Science, but have now chosen to follow a more specialised pathway in Osteopathy which I will have completed in the next 3 years.


Growing up what did you want to be?

A lawyer. I was very argumentative when I was growing up, which I think I got off my mum. Between that, and my brothers and I watching Law & Order every day, I could imagine myself in the courtroom, but the life of being in a suit and office everyday didnt appeal to me.

When you are not in the gym, where can you be found?

Either at uni studying, or I like to get out in the fresh air, going for long walks to the beach with my partner Chanise. You will also find the two of us studying together at the library.

What is Chanise studying?

Currently she is studying Bachelor of Nutrition Science, with the main goal to complete Masters of Dietetics.

How did you guys meet?

We met 4 years ago, she was working in a store on Chapel Street. We’ve been going strong ever since


What are your first impressions of GRIPT?

I first came across GRIPT through Tyler a year or so ago. Coming into the studio it is an amazing set up, with amazing people and culture, everyone in the team has high work ethic towards their training, and everyone cares about educating themselves and being at the top of the industry.

What keeps you motivated?

Learning. As I said previously, the more I learn, the more I understand how much I don’t know, I’ve got the itch for it. I’ll be listening to a podcast and a topic will come up, like B6 and straight away I’m like I need to know more about chemistry.

What is a challenge you have recently overcome?

Letting go of the idea of working simply for money, and being content with what I have and enjoying it as much as I possibly can for the moment that I am in it. What comes from that, comes from it. The lesson I think I have learnt is overcoming the ego properties that come with the desire for money.

What’s your favourite food?

Japanese Chicken Curry

Your drink of choice?

You will find me at Bayano Rebel sipping on a Dirty Soy Chai.

Favourite Travel Destination?

I love Bali because it’s simple and it’s consistent with the lifestyle I want to be able to live – train, eat well, relax, enjoy the sun, and it’s not too intense.

What’s the favourite thing you learned on your health journey?

I want to help people out of pain, and to be able to have more fun with their training.


You can find Daniel in the GRIPT studio Monday to Friday delivering quality Personal Training Sessions where their is a high priority placed on understand his client, their body and how he can help them move better.