We’re sitting down with the newest member of the GRIPT Team, Kim Leggett to go behind the scenes of the quiet but hard working coach.


Where did you grow up? 

On a little island called Penang in Malaysia! Miles away!

Growing up what did you want to be?

I was one of those people who wanted to do everything. Actress, race car driver (legit), vet and a plastic surgeon to name a few.

Tell us what led you into the fitness industry?

I’ve always been active growing up and was a high school athlete and state sprinter. Despite training like an athlete, I had an unhealthy relationship with food and was slightly overweight which led to me having really low self esteem. Once I started to learn more about food, eat better, fuel my body instead of punishing it, train towards a goal and most importantly, do it for no one else but myself – my life changed and I knew then that I wanted to help other people make changes to do the same.

You were Miss Universe Malaysia in 2012 (Very Cool) What has changed since then? 

I was 19 when I did Miss Universe so a lot has changed since then! I moved to Melbourne, finished university at Melb Uni (instead of diving straight into the Entertainment Industry back home) then changed career paths to become a Coach.  I still go back home every now and then for modelling, photo shoots and television hosting gigs to keep myself active in that arena but am focused on building my life here in Melbourne. I’d say being recognised when I’m in Malaysia is probably the strangest thing that changed for me from that experience… I can’t risk having a bad hair day!

What brought you to GRIPT?

The honest truth? Changes to my personal life mid year made me dive head first into Energize Classes, which I not only fell in love with for how it challenged my body but for how good it made me feel mentally. I continued coming throughout my IFBB Comp Prep and couldn’t stop coming even after I officially started my off-season! Just being around like minded people, in a nurturing and goal-driven environment reignited my fire for training, so I jumped on the opportunity to join the team when asked.


You are currently studying, can you fill us in? 

Yup! I’m about to head into my 3rd year studying a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics. I love food (I am a self-proclaimed foodie), but educating others about food and nutrition is something I’m excited to do alongside training my clients.

What is your favourite food? 

Did you hear I’m a foodie?! That’s a tough question – I love it all, but I am going to say Straight up…Peanut Butter. Crunchy.

What is your drink of choice? 

Lemon, lime and mint kombucha.

What could we find you doing in your spare time? 

Being active – going for long walks getting stuck into a podcast, going to a yoga, boxing or spin class. Otherwise brunching with friends or watching a movie/TV show (love a good film). And the occasional night out (I do like a good boogie).

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? 

Melbourne is pretty awesome, but I’d love a stint in LA.

A song what will always get you dancing? 

I don’t think anyone can get past ‘24k Magic by Bruno Mars’ but my ghetto RnB side says ‘Get Low by Lil Jon’.


Kim can be found working the studio floor keeping a close eye on her Personal Training clients.